Your quality of life shouldn't have an expiry date.
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Even if you can't say it out loud, you're not alone in worrying about your safety.
Don't let your concerns get in the way of what's important.
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A small detail that makes a big impact
Sara Barnoski  ·
March 1, 2021  ·
4 minute read
How to plan bathroom safety modifications according to your needs
Sara Barnoski & Micah Rakoff Bellman  ·
February 15, 2021  ·
9 minute read

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Digital illustration of various people inside a public transit bus all holding various support structures; a bearded businessman, a mother and child, an elegant older woman in a wheelchair, and a young man looking at his cellphone.

HealthCraft Group exists because preventing falls demands more than just great products. We need to change the conversation around fall prevention, because it affects us all.

Throughout our lives, we all lose ability. For some of us, it’s a series of slow changes as we age. For others, it can happen suddenly as a result of a fall, an injury, or the rapid onset of a medical condition.

We’re here to show you that you’re not alone. Everyone goes through these changes, and it’s our goal to help you navigate them safely, gracefully, and without shame so you can focus on the people and the things you love.

Photo of a woman in a wheelchair using a smartphone to take a photo of a young man standing in front of flowers

We’ve learned a thing or two in our 25+ years of designing and manufacturing safety products.

The founders of The Universal Design Project share their perspective on creating more inclusive homes and communities
Rebecca Langbein  ·
February 1, 2021  ·
8 minute read
Taking a look at what it means to get older and how to love the journey at every stage
Micah Rakoff Bellman  ·
January 25, 2021  ·
7 minute read
A closer look at grab bars, how they prevent falls, and why they carry so much stigma
Micah Rakoff Bellman  ·
January 11, 2021  ·
6 minute read
Easy ways to make memories that won’t have you saying, “oy—my back!”
Sara Barnoski  ·
November 30, 2020  ·
7 minute read
Discussing the value of Universal Design with engineer/OT, Rebecca Langbein
Micah Rakoff Bellman  ·
November 23, 2020  ·
8 minute read
5 steps for having more productive discussions with your loved ones.
Micah Rakoff Bellman  ·
November 9, 2020  ·
11 minute read
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