Fall prevention needs
a new direction

The Epidemic of Falls

Falls are an obvious problem that no one wants to talk about—but the numbers speak for themselves.

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30% of seniors fall each year
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37.3 milion falls require medical attention each year
An estimated 646,000 people die from falls each year.
Our Purpose

HealthCraft Group exists because preventing falls demands more than just great products. We need to change the conversation around fall prevention, because it affects us all.

Throughout our lives, we all lose ability. For some of us, it’s a series of slow changes as we age. For others, it can happen suddenly as a result of a fall, an injury, or the rapid onset of a medical condition.

Whether you’ve had a fall yourself, you’re looking for a proactive plan to maintain your independence, or you’re worried about the long-term safety of a loved one—we’re here to show you that you’re not alone.

Everyone goes through these changes, and it’s our goal to help you navigate them safely, gracefully, and without shame so you can focus on the people and the things you love.

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Our Story

In 1994, HealthCraft Group was co-founded by a medical retailer, an occupational therapist, and a design engineer.

Since then, we’ve been designing and manufacturing innovative fall prevention products.

Our products have won awards and helped over 1 million people stay safe and independent in their homes—but in spite of this, aging, accessibility, and fall prevention still carry a tremendous amount of stigma.

Our Brands

No matter how it happens, losing ability is jarring. Every day, we move through daily routines. Tasks become gradually more difficult until one day, we can no longer get ourselves in or out of bed, on and off the toilet, or up and down the stairs.

When this happens, it’s easy to feel defeated, scared, ashamed, and alone—but it doesn’t have to. If you need accessibility solutions for your home, we’ve got options for you:

HealthCraft Products

Best known for our award winning SuperPole, this line of durable medical equipment is designed and manufactured to help people make safer transfers at home.

Invisia Collection

In many residential construction projects, safety can come at the expense of aesthetic appeal. Invisia seamlessly integrates support into luxury bathroom seating and fixtures.

Our Values
Small detail-big impact.

Pay attention! Even things that most people don’t notice can make a huge difference.

New day-new ideas.

Innovation means constantly evolving to be able to exceed people’s expectations.

Keep giving-keep growing.

When you make the effort to help someone else, you’re also helping yourself.

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